15 Easy to Cook Recipes within 30 Minutes

Easy to Cook Recipes

Cooking a delicious meal doesn’t always have to take up your entire evening. With the right ingredients and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can whip up a delicious and healthy meal in 30 minutes or less. 

It is quite understandable that owing to busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, it’s often challenging to find the time to prepare a home-cooked meal. However, it’s important to prioritize our health and well-being by making smart food choices.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a student on a tight schedule, or just looking for some quick and easy meal ideas, these 15 easy to cook recipes are perfect for any occasion.

These recipes are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a homemade meal without spending hours in the kitchen. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 15 easy-to-cook recipes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

One-Pot Tomato Basil Pasta

This simple and tasty pasta dish only requires one pot, so it’s easy to clean up afterward. Cook spaghetti, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil in one pot, and top with grated Parmesan cheese. 

Recipe: Cook spaghetti in a pot of boiling water. In a separate pot, sauté garlic and tomatoes in olive oil. Add chicken broth, spaghetti, and fresh basil to the pot and simmer until the pasta is cooked. Top with Parmesan cheese.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Stir-fries are always a quick and healthy option. This recipe calls for chicken, broccoli, carrots, and soy sauce and it takes only 20 minutes to make.

Recipe: Heat oil in a wok or large skillet. Add diced chicken and stir-fry until browned. Add chopped broccoli and carrots, and stir-fry until the vegetables are tender. Finally, add soy sauce and stir until the chicken and vegetables are coated.

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

For a lighter option, try this Greek yogurt chicken salad. Combine cooked chicken, Greek yogurt, celery, grapes, and almonds in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

Recipe: Cook chicken breasts in a skillet until browned on both sides. Remove from heat and let it cool. Dice the chicken and combine it with Greek yogurt, diced celery, halved grapes, and slivered almonds. Finally, season with salt and pepper.

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Who says breakfast has to take forever? Simply fry an egg and top it with cheese, then sandwich it between two slices of toast for a tasty breakfast option.

Recipe: Heat oil in a skillet. Crack an egg into the skillet and fry until the egg white is set. Place a slice of cheese on top of the egg and let it melt. Serve between two slices of toasted bread.

Easy Spaghetti Carbonara

This classic pasta dish is easy to make and always delicious. Cook spaghetti and bacon, then mix with eggs, Parmesan cheese, and black pepper.

Recipe: Cook spaghetti in a pot of boiling water. In a separate pan, fry bacon until crispy. Remove the bacon from the pan and add minced garlic to the bacon grease. Whisk eggs, Parmesan cheese, and black pepper together in a bowl. Drain the spaghetti and add it to the garlic and bacon grease. Pour the egg mixture over the spaghetti and stir until the eggs are cooked, and the spaghetti is coated.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas

These vegetarian quesadillas are a quick and easy lunch or dinner option. Cook sweet potato, black beans, and spices in a skillet, then place on a tortilla with cheese and cook until crispy.

Recipe: Cook diced sweet potato in a skillet until tender. Add black beans, cumin, and chili powder and cook until heated through. Place a tortilla in a separate skillet and sprinkle with cheese. Add the sweet potato and black bean mixture on top and cover with another tortilla. Cook until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crispy.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp

This shrimp dish is full of flavor and only takes 15 minutes to make. Cook shrimp in a pan with lemon, garlic, butter, and parsley, and serve with rice or vegetables.

Recipe: Heat butter and olive oil in a skillet. Add minced garlic and cook for a minute. Add shrimp and lemon juice, and cook until the shrimp is pink and cooked through. Garnish with chopped parsley.

Homemade Pizza

Making your own pizza at home is easier than you think. Use a pre-made crust and top it with your favorite toppings for a quick and delicious meal.

Recipe: Preheat the oven to 425°F. Roll out pizza dough and add tomato sauce, shredded cheese, and your favorite toppings. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

Creamy Tomato Soup

This homemade tomato soup is perfect for a cozy night in. Cook canned tomatoes, cream, and spices in a pot, then blend until smooth.

Recipe: In a pot, cook canned tomatoes, cream, and spices until heated through. Use an immersion blender to blend the soup until smooth. Now, garnish and serve hot.

Turkey and Avocado Wrap

This healthy wrap is perfect for a quick lunch. Simply wrap sliced turkey, avocado, lettuce, and tomato in a tortilla, and enjoy.

Recipe: Spread mashed avocado on a tortilla. Add sliced turkey, lettuce, and tomato. Roll up the tortilla and serve. You can add more items based on your preferences.

Baked Salmon

This simple baked salmon recipe is healthy and delicious. Season salmon with lemon, garlic, and herbs, and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

Recipe: Preheat the oven to 400°F. Season salmon filets with lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes or until the salmon is cooked through. Serve while it is still hot.


This hearty chili recipe is perfect for a cold night. Cook ground beef, beans, tomatoes, and spices in a pot, and serve with cheese and sour cream.

Recipe: Cook ground beef in a pot until browned. Add chopped onions, garlic, canned tomatoes, kidney beans, and spices. Simmer for 20-30 minutes.

Shrimp Tacos

These tasty shrimp tacos are easy to make and always a hit. Cook shrimp in a pan with spices, then serve on a tortilla with cabbage and avocado.

Recipe:  Heat oil in a skillet. Add shrimp and spices, and cook until the shrimp is pink and cooked through. Serve on a tortilla with sliced avocado, shredded cabbage, and lime wedges. 

Caprese Salad

This simple salad is light and refreshing. Simply combine fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinegar for a delicious and healthy option.

Recipe: Slice fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Arrange on a plate and top with fresh basil. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar, and now it is ready to eat.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

This classic comfort food combo is perfect for a quick dinner. Make a grilled cheese sandwich and serve it with homemade tomato soup for a satisfying meal.

Recipe: Make a grilled cheese sandwich by spreading butter on bread and placing the cheese in between the slices. Cook the sandwich in a skillet until the cheese is melted and the bread is toasted. In a separate pot, heat canned tomato soup until heated through. Serve the grilled cheese alongside the tomato soup for a classic comfort food combo.

In Conclusion

Whether you prefer pasta, stir-fry, or sandwiches, there is something for everyone on this list. With a little preparation and some simple ingredients, you can whip up a tasty meal that’s sure to impress your friends and family. So, next time you’re pressed for time, try one of these quick and easy recipes to make mealtime a breeze. Put on your apron and get cooking!

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